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Why TinyChain?

For Developers

Rapidly prototype a complex application, split it into microservices, and scale it without rewriting.

For Data Scientists

Analyze live data on the same platform as the application that needs to use it.

Get automatic memory management & replication with no extra code.

For Executives

Minimize operational risk with the only database, the only blockchain, and the only cloud service platform designed to comply with GDPR and CCPA .

Build with TinyChain

TinyChain is designed to replace an ever-growing "stack" of support software with a single platform for cloud services.

End Users

End users won't see TinyChain directly, but it makes the customer experience better by making cloud services faster, more reliable, and more cost-efficient to operate, as well as lowering the risk of a data breach by eliminating the need to make copies of customer data for analysis.


TinyChain eliminates the "glue code" that holds a traditional cloud service together, allowing it to provide the same basic functionality in a single, much smaller package. TinyChain developers find they have a lot less "glue code" to write too!


TinyChain provides unprecedented and unparalleled support for the microservice development model with automatic cross-service transactions, automatic compliance features, and hypothetical queries.

Machine Learning

Only TinyChain supports true cloud ML with automatic memory management—meaning that multiple large models can train and run concurrently on shared infrastructure. This also enables support for stateful ML models, something no other platform offers.

Get involved

Creators and Executives

TinyChain's rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to offer an unprecedented level of service —if you have a great product idea, we'll develop and host it for free, just so that we can add it to the TinyChain ecosystem. All discussions are confidential and you retain 100% ownership of your own product. If you're dissatisfied for any reason, you can move off of the TinyChain platform at any time at your sole discretion. Just send an email to with a brief overview of what you need to get the conversation started.



TinyChain is first and foremost a developer tool. With the TinyChain framework you can get a new cloud service up and running in seconds (literally!) and scale it to millions of users without rewriting. Help and support are available on GitHub or live on Discord whenever you need!


Open Source

TinyChain is completely free and open-source, released under the Apache 2.0 license. The TinyChain community welcomes contributions from all stakeholders, public and private. If you would like to gain more experience with Rust, Python, or cloud development in general, or if TinyChain is missing a feature that you need, please get involved!